[Enginee] service cannot run

    Just installed Sense 2.0.1,  But the [Enginee] service show error like this below.


    The description for Event ID 300 from source Engine cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

    If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

    The following information was included with the event:

    QvSocket: Client authentication failed for [TCP socket <->].




    [Enginee]'s trace like this below.




    Sequence# Timestamp Level Hostname Logger Thread Id ServiceUser Message Exception StackTrace Id2

    1 20150701T092526.054+0800 INFO SENSESRV System.Engine.Engine 17 67dc102f-414f-4287-9280-5d5d1e1dbde6 SENSESRV\Administrator    67dc102f-414f-4287-9280-5d5d1e1dbde6

    2 20150701T092526.054+0800 INFO SENSESRV System.Engine.Engine 17 8408fcbb-5db3-4171-a0f0-8ccce7ff5d9a SENSESRV\Administrator    8408fcbb-5db3-4171-a0f0-8ccce7ff5d9a

    3 20150701T092526.054+0800 INFO SENSESRV System.Engine.Engine 17 c3a69837-3d65-4b68-bb80-9abe741018a6 SENSESRV\Administrator    c3a69837-3d65-4b68-bb80-9abe741018a6

    4 20150701T092631.689+0800 WARN SENSESRV System.Engine.Engine 17 e5e0cba0-e0b2-44f2-9b7b-f98bf6524109 SENSESRV\Administrator    e5e0cba0-e0b2-44f2-9b7b-f98bf6524109

    5 20150701T092631.705+0800 ERROR SENSESRV System.Engine.Engine 17 b74ea633-ed0b-40bb-a78e-439325e3b91d SENSESRV\Administrator    b74ea633-ed0b-40bb-a78e-439325e3b91d

    6 20150701T092631.830+0800 WARN SENSESRV System.Engine.Engine 17 3ac20152-9de9-4a66-96a8-715215b631c8 SENSESRV\Administrator    3ac20152-9de9-4a66-96a8-715215b631c8

    7 20150701T092631.830+0800 ERROR SENSESRV System.Engine.Engine 17 a3c95fe7-6bd3-4f69-81a6-565f4b6e2587 SENSESRV\Administrator    a3c95fe7-6bd3-4f69-81a6-565f4b6e2587



    In this server, installed sense 1.1.0, has been removed before install sense 2.0.1