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Hi All,

I have a small problem


war,                       a               12

wart,                      b               32

wart,                      c                34

war                        d                54

warf                       e                23

warf                       f                 23

warf                       g                 4

warf                       h                23

1)This is my table while loading I will put a condition "if (DISPLAYSET= 'warf', 'View by Franchise') as [FRANCHISE]" which will fetch only "warf" information

2) I will create a radio button in the filters tab (1st tab)

View by Franchise

If I select the radio button it should display only "warf" information for rest of tabs and if I am not selecting any thing it should give only the ('war' & "wart") information

Note: I have different tab those changes should reflect in all tabs

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Triggers

simply take subfield(DISPLAYSET,' ',1)

and style select as windows classic in presentation

i thing it will give you result Exected