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Hello Qlik Community,


Here's a quick update to let you know some of the exciting enhancements we made in August and September, as well as a bonus at the end.



1. Labels and Tags Double Filter


We've added a powerful new way to narrow down the posts in a forum or board by label and tag at the same time!

All of our forums and board pages have a labels component in the right rail which can be used as a filter to narrow down the posts list to just the posts with that label. When you click on a label, you'll be taken to a list of all the posts in that location with that label.

Now, we've added a tags component to the Label Page, so that it displays all of the tags that are contained on the posts with the selected label.

Additionally, you can click on a tag from the Label Page, and it will filter again to show just the posts in that location with the selected label and the selected tag, creating a double filter to fine tune the results.

In the example below, I've filtered from New to Qlik Sense > Label: Expression > Tag: Dimensions, which narrowed the results down to one post, which has a solution:


2019-10-17 Labels Tags Double Filter - Expression Dimensions.png



2. Meetups Map Updates


We've update the map on the Meetups page to highlight all of the Qlik Meetup groups around the world.

Clicking on a red dot will display a hovercard with the group name and location, which can be clicked to go directly to that group's page on the Meetup network. This makes it easier than ever to find a Qlik Meetup near you to join in!

Upcoming Meetups listed in the right rail are still denoted on the map with green pins.


2019-10-17 Meetups Map Dots and Hovercard.png



3. New Page Banners for Events, Groups, and Blogs


You're used to seeing the blue page banner throughout the community, but now we're adding new, unique page banners to different locations to help distinguish where you are. In place of the global banner on Events, Groups, and Blogs pages, you'll find new, unique banners.


Global Page Banner:

2019-10-17 Global Page Banner.png


New Events Banner:

2019-10-17 Qlik Events Banner.png


New Groups Banner:

2019-10-17 Groups Banner.png


New Blogs Banner:

2019-10-17 Blogs Banner.png



4. Added Events Card to Home Page


We've added an Events page card to the home page (after clicking the Show More button) to be consistent with the locations listed in the left-hand navigation bar.


2019-10-17 Events Page Card.png



5. Fixed Leader Groups Page Listing


We've fixed a bug that was causing the wrong groups to be displayed on the Leader Groups page.


2019-10-17 Leader Groups.png



6. Attunity Forum - Coming Soon!


We've added a forum placeholder to let you know that we're in the process of building out a new forum for Attunity products.

While we work on building that out, you can access the legacy Attunity forums at


2019-10-17 Attunity Coming Soon.png



7. Bonus: Qlik Gallery


This week we launched a new page called Qlik Gallery, where you can share your best Qlik apps with the rest of the community. We'll have more info about in our October 2019 Enhancements blog post, but you can check it out now and upload your own!


2019-10-17 Qlik Gallery Banner.png



Happy Autumn everyone!

Jeremy and the Qlik Community Team