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Hello Qlik Community,

We have a few exciting updates the Qlik Community made in October & November to tell you about.


1.  Home Page Promo Carousel

For those of you who use the Qlik Community home page to find out about upcoming events and other timely interests, you'll be happy to see that we've converted the promo spot into a carousel to feature a rotating selection of cards, instead of just one at a time.

Home Page Hero Carousel.png


The cards rotate automatically, and you can use the arrows to cycle through manually. Use the buttons to register for an event or see more events on the Events & Webinars page.


2. Qlik Gallery

In October, we unveiled the new  Qlik Gallery, a place to share your best Qlik apps with the community. At opening, we included all of the submissions to  this year's Qonnections poster contest and Spotlighted the contest winners.

Qlik Gallery.png


Since then, we've had some really great additions from the community. Check them out, and add your best app to the Qlik Gallery, too! 


3. Updates to Filters and Settings

Sort By Filters.png


On Recent Discussions feeds, we've updated the text on the Sort By filters to make it more clear what the options are.

Selecting "Most Recent Thread" displays threads in the order of the thread creation date, with the most recent on top. Selecting "Most Recent Reply" displays threads in the order of the most recent reply, with the most recent on top.

Selecting either of these options updates the listing in the "Recent" tab.

Most Recent Reply.png


You can change your settings to display the Most Recent Thread or Most Recent Reply in My Settings > Preferences > General.


Sort Topics By.png

The option you choose here will be your default, but you can use the Sort By Filters on-the-fly to see the other view as needed. 


4. NPrinting Labels - NPrinting Version and Product Selection

In order to streamline the solution process in the NPrinting forum, we've developed two sets of Labels for members to choose from when posting new questions and documents to the NPrinting forum.

First, choose the label for the NPrinting version you are using. Then, choose the label for the Qlik Data Analytics product you are using it with, either Qlik Sense or QlikView.

NPrinting Version Labels.png


NPrinting Product Labels.png






With these Label selections being made up front, it will be much easier for community members (including Qlik support and product managers) to help resolve issues without having to ask for that information.







Additionally, you can subscribe to a Label for an NPrinting version number to get notifications for those posts.

Nprinting Labels Subscribe.png


5. New Page Banners for Qlik Resources, About Qlik Community, and Community Sitemap

You're used to seeing the blue page banner throughout the community, but now we're adding new, unique page banners to different locations to help distinguish where you are in the community. In our last update, we showed off the new page banners for EventsGroups, and Blogs pages.

Now, we have new page banners for Qlik Resources, About Qlik Community, and Community Sitemap pages.

 Qlik Resources Banner.png

About Qlik Community Banner.png

Community Sitemap Banner.png


6. Community Footer Updates to Include Attunity Links

We've updated the Products list in the site footer to include Qlik Data Integration products. Use these links to visit the product pages on to learn more about our new Attunity products.

Footer Products List.png

Keep an eye out for more updates to include Qlik Data Integration forums in the community soon!


Best wishes,

Jeremy and the Qlik Community Team

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