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Qlik Replicate - MySQL source defect and fix (2023.11)

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Qlik Replicate - MySQL source defect and fix (2023.11)

Last Update:

May 4, 2024 10:30:01 AM

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Created date:

Apr 13, 2024 4:01:06 AM

Upgrade installation or fresh installation of Qlik Replicate 2023.11 (includes builds GA, PR01 & PR02), Qlik Replicate reports errors for MySQL or MariaDB source endpoints. The task attempts over and over for the source capture process but fail, Resume and Startup from timestamp leads to the same results:

[SOURCE_CAPTURE  ]T:  Read next binary log event failed; mariadb_rpl_fetch error 0 () [1020403]  (mysql_endpoint_capture.c:1060)

[SOURCE_CAPTURE  ]T:  Error reading binary log. [1020414]  (mysql_endpoint_capture.c:3998)


  • Replicate 2023.11 (GA, PR01, PR02)
  • MySQL source database , any version
  • MariaDB source database , any version

Fix Version & Resolution:

Upgrade to Replicate 2023.11 PR03 (expires 8/31/2024).

The fix is included in Replicate 2024.05 GA.


If you are running 2022.11, then keep run it.

No workaround for 2023.11 (GA, or PR01/PR02) .

Cause & Internal Investigation ID(s):

Jira: RECOB-8090 , Description: MySQL source fails after upgrade from 2022.11 to 2023.11

There is a bug in the MariaDB library version 3.3.5 that we started using in Replicate in 2023.11.
The bug was fixed in the new version of MariaDB library 3.3.8 which be shipped with Qlik Replicate 2023.11 PR03 and upper version(s).

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Replicate - MySQL source defect and fix (2022.5 & 2022.11)


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