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Iterno() working with while

Iterno() working with while

Hello Friends,

I publish here a simple examples how Iterno( ) function works with the While function to make dates between two ranges with using differently. Iterno( ) function returns integer 1 and it is work with while function until the condition is not satisfy and normally this function used in the master calendar for date creation. Where we want to create a date between any range like we say from any date to any end date. Here i explain i have two dates FromDate and Todate and this dates are used as Num dates because Iterno( ) works on the num dates.This is very basic example with explanation of the Iterno( )

Suppose the dates

FromDate = 01/04/2014

ToDate = 10/04/2014

1. While IterNo( ) <= ToDate - FromDate +1

and we convert this dates FromDate  and ToDate into number by Num function

Num(FromDate) = 41730

Num(ToDate) = 41739

so if we see While statement and put values and at initial iterno( ) start from 1

While IterNo( ) <= ToDate - FromDate +1

While IterNo( ) <= 41739 - 41730 +1

then equation will be

While IterNo( ) <= 10

Means while loop runs 10 times until IterNo( ) <= 10 while this loop runs our dates are created by adding 1 to value 41730 like 41731,41732......41740 and this are in num then we convert this dates into date by Date(Num(FromDate)).

Here we get date from 01/04/2014 to 10/04/2014

2.While IterNo( ) <= ToDate - FromDate -1

if we see equation here for while condition with the dates

Num(FromDate) = 41730

Num(ToDate) = 41739


While IterNo( ) <= ToDate - FromDate -1

While IterNo( ) <= 41739 - 41730 - 1

then equation is

While IterNo( ) <= 8

Means in this while condition loop runs 8 times and we are get 8 date values only

Here we get dates from 01/04/2014 to 08/04/2014

3.Date($(vDateMin) + RowNo( ) -1) AS TempDate

for this dates suppose Date($(vDateMin) is 01/04/2014

then we get the values for equation like

Date($(vDateMin) + RowNo() -1)

For first record

vDateMin + 1 - 1  = 41731

For Second record

vDateMin + 2 -1 = 41732

and so on until loop satisfy the condition then it will stop and a field is obtain named TempDate which contain date format and date from 01/04/2014 to 08/04/2014.



Any suggestion friends this is small piece of work.

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Well explained. I was under little confusion regarding the concept u explained above. Really it is very helpful.

Thank u.

Thanks try to implement this in any practical application then you clear it.

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Thanks Anand,its very helpful post.

please can you give an example other than dates,where IterNo( ) is used.



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Good doc.

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