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Digital Support
Digital Support

Starting from the week of August 14th 2023, Qlik Cloud Analytics will no longer be able to utilize non-supported Microsoft SQL data sources. This affects Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and earlier.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and earlier are not supported by Microsoft (see SQL Server lifecycle dates). If you are unclear which version of SQL Server you have, use one of the methods described in this Microsoft article.

Upcoming Changes

Qlik Cloud Analytics is performing a required security update in August 2023, resulting in no access to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or earlier. This update will also result in no support for TLS version 1.1 and earlier as well as any deprecated cryptographic functions.

Additional Information

While client-managed and standalone web connectors are not directly affected by this change, they do not support outdated versions of Microsoft SQL Server, such as MS SQL 2012. See Supported Microsoft SQL Server versions.

For additional information, see Outdated, out of support versions of Microsoft SQL Server and Qlik Cloud Analytics.


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