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Community Manager

Good morning Qlik Users!

The August 2020 update for SaaS released Tuesday, August 11th! The release included the following enhancements:

  • The App Analyzer (which I blogged about yesterday): A new application that can be installed and configured to gain tenant insights and empower Administrators to act on the insights revealed
  • Multiple data reload enhancements:
    • Easily accessible reload history via the app tile or the Explore page (look for the red exclamation point in the app tile and the Last Modified column)
    • The script log format has been improved (more improvements are coming later this year) and the log can be downloaded
    • App name is visible within the scheduler tab
    • Schedule start times are more granular now at five-minute intervals
    • A start and end date for a schedule can now be specified
  • Delete users: Tenant Admins can now delete users from the tenant where previously they could only be disabled. This action does not delete any content associated with the user.


The August 2020 update also included a new capability called Qlik DataTransfer. This lightweight utility gives you the ability to securely push data from on-premise data sources to the cloud!


Stay tuned for a more in-depth blog about this new capability. For more information, take a look at Qlik DataTransfer  and be sure to sign up for Michael Tarallo’s Do More with Qlik session.

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