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Community Manager
How can I track app RAM usage over time?
How do I optimize my applications so that they can stay under the limit?

I am happy to introduce our App Analyzer for Qlik Cloud, that can help answer these questions and more.



The app provides insights on:

  • App, Table and Field memory footprints
  • Synthetic keys and island tables to help improve app development
  • Threshold analysis for fields, tables, rows and more
  • Reload times and peak RAM utilization by app
  • And much more!




The App Analyzer uses a single REST connection to iterate over application metadata endpoints within a tenant. The data retrieve can then be measured against tenant quotas and user-defined thresholds to empower Admins to act on the insights that the app reveals. To see the app in action, check out this demo:



A few things to note:

  • This app is provided as-is and is not supported by Qlik Support.
  • It is recommended to always use the latest app.
  • Information is not collected by Qlik when using this app.
Check out Optimizing Qlik Sense SaaS Apps with App Analyzer for an in-depth dive into the App Analyzer.


The app as well as the configuration guide are available via GitHub, linked below. 


Any issues or enhancement requests should be opened on the Issues page within the app’s GitHub repository.

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