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Q&A with Qlik - March 29 - Developer Series: What's the Diff? Nebula, Picaso, Engima

Join our Techsperts as we talk through the differences across these 3 open source libraries to help developers communicate with the Qlik engine and integrate visualizations and mashups on top of it.

This session was recorded live on March 29, 2022.


  • 12:40 Techspert's favorite source library
  • 16:22 Are these libraries only used at Qlik?
  • 18:45 Finding developers with this experience
  • 19:52 React.js and nebula.js DEMO with specific use cases?
  • 24:37 Migrating charts to nebula.js
  • 26:39 Leonardo UI
  • 28:48 Getting started with using these libraries
  • 31:50 Further comparison between Picaso.js and Nebula.js
  • 36:16 Can I use a combination of nebula?
  • 39:21 Customization abilities to nebula based charts
  • 43:32 nebula for extension development
  • 46:08 Experience between JavaScripts
  • 48:53 What specific charts are available as part of nebula?
  • 51:28 Qlik Developer Resources


For transcript, see attached. 

Future live sessions available on our webinar registration page: Q&A with Qlik

Thanks for watching! Qlik Global Support

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