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Q&A with Qlik - Nov. 16, 2021 - Getting to Know Application Automation


This is the recording for the Q&A with Qlik webinar - "Getting to Know Application Automation" on November 16, 2021.


  • 05:57 Quick summary on what Qlik Application Automation enables users to do
  • 07:36 What automation tools are available, out of the box across platforms?
  • 07:36 Do you have stats on how this can speed up your time to delivery?
  • 11:40 Is it possible to share a automation use case with other users?
  • 15:10 Trigger Automation Set up
  • 16:19 Monitoring how many automation have been run in a month.
  • 17:30 Will we get the Qualtrics connector in automation?
  • 19:17 Trigger start automation using the GET, and putting a message in the blank browser
  • 21:46 Nested Json from Qlik straight table limit loops
  • 23:17 Can automations to be fully variable externally?
  • 28:05 Export an automation
  • 30:29 FTP Connectors and Qlik Automation reading from Zip files
  • 31:12 Templates for Automation
  • 31:22 Being able to download and upload automation
  • 35:20 Is QAA on any client managed roadmaps?
  • 36:07 Differences between Qlik automation SaaS and then client managed.
  • 37:40 Can we create custom API connectors?
  • 40:29 Export data into an existing file on Google drive.
  • 42:24 Recommendations for speeding up run time for an automation
  • 44:12 If automations can run simultaneously.
  • 45:31 Launching an automation with a button in a Qlik Sense application
  • 52:01 Is it possible to share Qlik objects, for example, a bar chart via Slack or Teams?


Please see transcript attached. 

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