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Q&A with Qlik: Qlik Cloud Reporting

Join Qlik Support's office-hours, recorded live, where our experts answer your questions and give more insight into our data analytics products and features. This month's topic: Qlik Cloud Reporting 



  • 01:32 - Is the subscription option going to allow sending Excel files?
  • 02:00 - Will there be a PowerPoint, a Word add-in, like the planned Excel add-in?
  • 05:27 - Is PowerPoint reporting on the table?
  • 06:25 - How I can find problems in my dashboard?
  • 07:13 - When will the Excel add-in be available?
  • 08:05 - Is it possible for reporting to approve and send?
  • 09:28 - Is Power reporting like NPrinting on the table (Q3 follow up)?
  • 12:52 - Will the Excel Add-in be included or be an additionally purchase?
  • 15:06 - How much flexibility do you have with designing reports?
  • 16:50 - Is it possible through automation to export via Excel?
  • 19:02 - Will the Excel add-in be a part of app automation or as an endpoint?
  • 20:17 - How to migrate of NPrinting reports to Qlik Cloud?
  • 24:08 - When will Qlik Cloud reporting be released?
  • 25:17 - Can the formatting of the tables can also be exported to Excel?
  • 26:39 - Tips or tricks to reduce the generate report blocks?
  • 28:13 - Any plans on combining Cloud reporting with Storytelling?
  • 29:28 - When will these connectors will be available for a GCC high environment?
  • 30:52 - Will Tabular reporting be compatible with Google Sheets?
  • 31:50 - Where to find this recording?
  • 32:14 - Are the Vizlip extension objects compatible with Qlik Cloud?

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