Colour scheme generator

    Choosing the right colours for your app is a challenging task. Many sciences exist on how to pick the right colour for your charts. One has to take into consideration the psychology of the user, his culture, the companies' colours, possible colour blindness and finally the personal taste of the customer.


    Creating or editing the colour scheme in QV is detail work which can take up a lot of time. Sometimes, though, it's necessary to be able to customize your App quickly, e.g. when presenting a Demo in the customers' colours or when trying out different designs.


    This was my motivation to create a small colour scheme generator in QV originally inspired by the Fibonacci sequence. It automatically generates 12 colours in QlikView based on one colour theme and via 'Advanced Colour Map' you can quickly apply the scheme to your application.




    In order to apply the scheme to your application follow these steps:


    1. Choose your main colour theme by either manually entering it OR by using the sliders. The background of the textbox represents your main colour.


    2. Right click on the Pie Chart -> Properties -> Colors -> Advanced.. -> and click Update on 'User Default'


    3. Go to your QV application and first create following variables:

    • vColR
    • vColG
    • vColB

    4. Enter the RGB values of your main colour theme in each variable respectively.

    5. Go to your Chart -> Properties -> Colors -> Advanced.. -> and click Retrieve on 'User Default'


    Optional: If you're unhappy with one of the colours generated, feel free to tweak them in the properties!



    - When the theme colour is too dark (RGB values <40 e.g. (20,30,20)), the generated scheme gets too dark.

    - When ONE RGB value is much greater than the others e.g. (10,255,10), the colours in the scheme sometimes become undistinguishable.


    Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!



    The qvw file is online again.