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    Export to Excel

    Joaqu�n L�zaro

      When I export a table to excel numeric columns are exported as text.



      On the document "QlikView 11 SR2 Beta Release Notes" there is a bug number related to this problem

      46971 Exporting excel as numbers does not work correctly.


      Environment: QV 11 SR2 64-bit + Windows XP Pro x64 v 2003 SP2 + MS Office 2010 32 bits


      I've tested all combinations (54) of Document Preferences Encoding (3x) by User Preferences Number Formatting (3x) and Encoding (3x) and Use Regional settings (2x). 3x3x3x2=54. None of the combinations works fine.


      Between every preference change a every click on Export to Excel I've closed and open QV ... not only thq qvw document.