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This update features a new Author stamp and incorporation of Release Notes into our Qlik Community.  

Hello Members!  So much has been happening on the Qlik Community!  We just completed a rather large forum consolidation project. This was a two phase project with many moving parts including content reorganization, forum renaming and in some cases archival.   If you need  assistance navigating the new structure please do not hesitate to reach out.   Here are links to the details:

The following additional updates rolled into production on our Qlik Community, Tuesday, April 6: 

(1) Author Stamp
You now can tell when the original author of a post replies back to you.    A colorful 'Author' stamp will be added to comments and replies made by the original author.   The author stamp will only be utilized in forum boards not document boards or blogs.   Don't you just love this update!  We sure do! 😎


(2) 5 star rating on Knowledge articles
The Support Knowledge Base and respective 5 star rating received an update and is easier to use as the scroll bar, that was there previously, has been removed.  The cleaner looking new design renders a simplified and more streamlined appearance.   We encourage you to submit feedback and you have a few options for doing so:   
(1) The 5 star allows you to submit feedback anonymously. 
(2) You can still add comments as a reply to the thread which would remain public.   
(3) You can also choose to do both ! 



Please note:  we removed the filters for 'most liked' and 'most popular' on this board only - as those filters depend on 'likes' as part of it's algorithm.   Kudos or 'likes' has been replaced on Support Knowledge Base for 5 star rating. 


(3) Twitter social share (bug fix)
The hyperlink was not rendering correctly when using the social share option for Twitter.  The problem was reported specifically within the Qlik Gallery and has now been resolved.   If you encounter any issues with social sharing, or anything else, please let us know by reporting it in the Community Corner.




(4) Blog Action Tiles added to Category Pages
Category pages are often used as a 'landing page' by which members subscribe.  We have therefore incorporated blog action tiles on some category level pages.  The embedded nature of the action tile is dependent on where that blog lives within the structure of the community so you may not see this used everywhere (yet).   We like this feature as it helps members get to other areas of the community with simplicity.  We plan to broaden tile usage on more category pages in the future. 


(5) Ideation
We gave the main landing page for ideas a minor facelift with new imagery and links to locations for idea boards and  tech previews.    You will see other pages in the community are incorporating a similar carousel-like design like the Support Programs page.  This new design will be added next to Qlik Gallery and then also on the About page.   

*Reminder: Ideation is a gated area of the community for Customers, Partners and Luminaries only. 


(6) Release Notes   
As promised in our last update, we have developed a page to house release notes on our community!  😃 
Don't worry, older release notes will not be removed from the download site.   The page offers filtering options via drop down menus and the actual release notes are attached as a file. 

The Release Notes page remains a work in progress and it will improve and evolve over time, so by all means consider this v1.   I would like to thank @fabrice_lawson for his partnership and also to @Wlad_Masi for bringing the idea to the Qlik Community Team.   




Last but not least - very important!   Did you register for Qlik World?   Qlik World Online 2021 is May 10-12

Register today and use this link!  



We hope you enjoy this months updates!   Our next production push is scheduled for May 4, 2021 and we have many wonderful things coming your way including a refreshed page for Qlik Gallery and something new.... Qlik Greenway
(I am terribly bad at keeping secrets so please don't message me with questions about what it is!  Ha!).   

Stay safe everyone and look forward to see you all online!