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Community Manager

Read more about our enhancements for February 2024.

Hello Qlik Community!

Ah, February. We hardly knew ye. Let's March towards the enhancements and fixes for the month of February.


NPrinting dropdowns are back

The NPrinting forum has a couple more dropdowns to select Product and Version when posting.



Last Update and Created date timestamps

These two fields were potentially using different settings based on a user's profile. These timestamps are now using the preferred time zone for each user to ease any confusion.


Search icon slide out

A text window slides out when clicking the search icon.



And now… the pièce de résistance…


A Simplified Navigation

There are now only 4-5 options across the top of the navigation, depending on your user type. Let’s review each area and walk through the changes.



  • Data Integration has been renamed to Data Integration & Quality
  • The Analytics forums are now under Data Integration & Quality forums on the left side to match the order in which you use the tools
  • The Job Board is now under Discover > Programs > Qlik Academic Program
  • Removed More tab that included Job Board and Video Transcripts (which can still be found on the Resources page)





  • Ideation is now under Support! Same structure – new location!
  • Learn to move to Qlik Cloud has been renamed to Move to Qlik Cloud
  • View Licenses and Archived Cases is now under Support > Get Help
  • Renamed the Product Downloads page to Download Qlik Products




Discover (Formally Learn)

  • Job Board is now under Qlik Academic Program
  • Blogs, Events and Qlik Gallery are now under Discover
  • The Japan blog is now under Product
  • Events has been renamed to Events & Webinar
  • The Events & Webinar page is now called Global Events
  • The two different categories (Webinar & In-person and Expert Led) have been condensed into one category
  • The Qlik Gallery page has a new name: Explore Qlik Gallery




The Partners area (only visible to Partners) is unchanged and of course, the Greenway is still available  to learn how to engage more with Qlik.

This is just the first step in simplifying the navigation. We have more simplification coming in the next few months. Let us know what you think about the changes in the comments below.

Your Qlik Community Admins,

Melissa, Sue, Jamie and Nicole

@Melissa_Potvin @Sue_Macaluso @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa