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Community Manager
Community Manager

A few more changes to the navigation including a new AI/ML area!

Hello Qlik Community!

I’m back with a few more changes in the navigation! These changes were made to align more with Qlik and give AI/ML time in the spotlight!


Added AI/ML area

A section for AI/ML forums has been added. We have moved the Qlik AutoML and Insight Advisor forums to this area.  You can find Integrations, Extensions & API’s (for Qlik Analytics) in this section or Analytics.



Renamed ‘New to Qlik Sense’ forum

The New to Qlik Sense forum has been renamed to Qlik Sense Analytics. When posting, be sure to use the appropriate label: either Client Managed for on prem or Qlik Cloud.


(Also, a cleanup of the labels on this forum is imminent.)


Reordered 'Discover'

Programs has been moved down the list, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less important! Make sure you’re subscribed to the Education or Academic areas for updates.



Please let us know if you have any questions about the changes using the comments below. We will be back soon with some more Qlik Community enhancements!

Your Qlik Community Admins,

Melissa, Sue, Jamie, and Nicole

@Melissa_Potvin @Sue_Macaluso @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa