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Visualization Day

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Visualization Day

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Oct 6, 2023 5:24:06 AM

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Oct 6, 2023 5:24:06 AM

This Techspert Talks session covers:

  • Future Visualization Updates
  • New Layout Container
  • Dynamic Linking with Bookmarks



  • 01:59 - New Straight Table
  • 02:45 - Background Images, Fine Grid, Font Styling
  • 03:45 - Turn off Sheet Title and Tool Bar
  • 04:06 - Multi-Language App
  • 04:41 - New Filter Panes
  • 04:58 - Line Object
  • 05:34 - New Rich Text Object
  • 06:20 - Layout Container
  • 07:21 - Tip 1: Don't go off grid
  • 07:43 - Tip 2: Best things are odd, example app
  • 09:26 - Tip 3: Image is everything, example app
  • 12:15 - Tip 4: Simplicity
  • 12:58 - Tip 5: You can, you don't have to
  • 15:03 - Setting Default Bookmarks
  • 16:34 - Creating Dynamic Bookmarks
  • 17:46 - Search Expression Best Practices
  • 18:44 - Update Bookmark
  • 20:00 - Adding Layout options to bookmarks
  • 21:34 - Sharing Bookmarks
  • 22:50 - Q&A: Why selection gone after using bookmark?
  • 24:30 - Q&A: How can we do multi-page exports?
  • 25:08 - Q&A: Can container go inside containers?
  • 25:50 - Q&A: How to learn about new releases?
  • 26:43 - Q&A: How to change the font of an app?
  • 27:12 - Q&A: Do chart settings override the theme?
  • 27:46 - Q&A: How to make a filter pane collapse?
  • 28:30 - Q&A: Where demo apps are available?
  • 29:25 - Q&A: When will the new Text Object be available?
  • 29:49 - Q&A: Can you import an Excel chart in Sense?
    - Q&A: Are values in a Rich Text Object selectable?
  • 31:03 - Q&A: Does public bookmarks trigger a notification?
  • 31:42 - Q&A: Where to find those Search Expressions?
  • 32:26 - Q&A: How to send Bookmark links?
  • 32:52 - Q&A: Are some of these add-on features?
  • 33:12 - Q&A: How to apply a bookmark to a monitored chart?





Q: Your multi language apps is really critical to my business as we globalise - where is there more content about how we can handle dimension name translation in line with the native Qlik langauge translations?

A: Dimension names can be renamed in the load script, but it may not be necessary, just translate the dimension labels in the app instead.
Making a Multilingual Qlik Sense App

How to Rename Fields

Q: Do the objects within the new Container have to be master visualizations?

A: No, you don't need to use Master visualizations. You can add new charts to the object or drag and drop existing charts from the sheet.


Q: When will the Layout Container be available?

A: Most likely later this year


Q: After update, there is a problem with filtering a "toString" field. I can't open the application for 10 minutes. What wrong with that field? (e.g. load * inline [toString test1];)

A: Hard to tell without seeing the app and knowing what the field is. As a general rule, keep the cardinality of fields down. If I would guess toString in this case may stop the engine from optimizing the field. To learn more, read HiCs post.

Symbol Tables and Bit-Stuffed Pointers


Q: Will we be able to pin objects to certain locations on the grid? As shown, a sheet menu build using the layout container would be nice to pin to the top left corner for example?

A: In the first release positioning and size will be using percentages. So, if you would have the position 0% for both axis then it would be pinned in the corner.




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Will the new Rich Text Object allow to render html text? 

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

hi. Is it possible to create a table with "shared" tables for multiple columns?
For example, "QTY" and "VALUE" under shared label "LAST YEAR"?

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @aldo-tgh @U_Sch 

Please post queries around specific requirements in the appropriate forum: App Development 

All the best,

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