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Hello Everybody I have a question please

Hello everybody

I'm new to the Qlickview community I just signed up today I didn't know you had an awesome website like this before.

So I had a problem recently and I am wondering what is the source of the problem.

Actually my Qlikview is a french version so I don't know if someone do understand french here and can help me with this issue.

Otherwise I will translate :

when I try to open my Qlikview file ( I used to open it with no problem at all) it says:

"This Qlikview document has been created by another user of the personnal edition or in another computer. As a user of the personnal edition of Qlikview, you can only open on your computer the files you have created by yourself.

This Qlikview document has been recovered more than the times you are allowed to with your personal edition licence. You can continue using Qlikview with your personnal edition's licence to create and modify other files."

And when I click on OK it says that the file I am looking for does not exist ! weird because my file is always in the same place and the link is correct.

I did join the french version of the message I get to this question.

Hope someone can help me

And thank you very much

PS : I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question or not. I'm new here so if it is not please redirect me to the right place.

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Re: Hello Everybody I have a question please

Desktop Edition is a license one. both Personal Edition & Desktop Edition has all features but in personal Edition it  only allows you to open QlikView apps created on your PC/laptop  but where as in  Desktop Edition it allows to open Qlikview apps created any where ...so that may the problem u r facing ..

go through the link and buy the License .

How to Buy - Business Intelligence Software | Qlik

With Regards,


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Re: Hello Everybody I have a question please

Hi Venkata Ram

Ok thank you for your help, I'm new to Qlikview so I didn't know about all this stuff ! Thank  you again

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