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I need private lessions payed on Qlik Sense Dekstop and Server


I need to undersand how to realize advanced and performing scripts in Qlik Sense Dekstop and Server in 1 month to implement a prototype of management for a University in italy.

I'm searching for some good Qlik Developer (almost 2 year of experience) who can teach me (with method of private lessions payed)

(now i use the Dekstop relise but next mounth i start to use QlikSense Server).

I prefer to comunicate with Skype (if you want also with Teamvier, Webex).

I work during the day, so I'm free after 18:00 and during the weekend.

If you are interested, write a message to and to

try to call me or write a message at: +39 335 1421897 and +39 346 1409936

Thanks, see you soon

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Hi Cristina,

We recommend to register for the Qlik Sense Server Architecture course, you can check availability by visiting Qlik Training Search Page

We would also recommend you check out the Qlik Continuous Classroom, Qlik Continuous Classroom and sign up for on-demand Qlik Sense Training.

You can also check out the free Server videos available at New to Qlik Sense Enterprise Server Videos