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Monthly Trend

I generate a report everyday about no of products from one place. I want to display the average number of products from those places in front of the days numbers. How to do that?

Eg. Let for today Place - A, B, C

                         Products - 2,6,4

Similarly for a month I generate this report everyday. I want to introduce a column with average products so that I have an idea.
Please help

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Honored Contributor II

Re: Monthly Trend

Can you prepare a set of data?

Valued Contributor II

Re: Monthly Trend

Hi Akshay please elaborate more, it doesn't gives more clarification.

Upload some dummy data and expected output.

-- Regards,

Vishal Waghole


Re: Monthly Trend

Although I admit that a sample data set would be useful in this case, have you tried doing something like:

avg(aggr(count(Products), Place))



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