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Pound sign on Currency


I am trying to determine currency format according to the cusyomer by using this formula in my expression:

if(Division ='A' , num(sum((qty*price)+(Discount/Gross_Revenue)*(qty*price))/sum(qty),'$#,##0.00'),
if(Division ='B' and CurrencyCode = 'GB' , num(sum((qty*price)+(Discount/Gross_Revenue)*(qty*price))/sum(qty),'£#,##0.00'),
if(Division ='B' and CurrencyCode = 'EU' , num(sum((qty*price)+(Discount/Gross_Revenue)*(qty*price))/sum(qty),'€#,##0.00'))))

So I am getting three different currencies.

Everything works good on qlikview, but when I pull out the data to excel, it does not read the numbers with pound sign as number, but as text so I can not do any calculation with this number. The numbers with dollar and euro signs work good.

I tried diferent thing on excel to reformat cells but it does not work.

Anybody any thoughts what causing the prblem with the pound sign?



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Re: Pound sign on Currency

Formating-function are generally difficult by exporting to excel because than excel interpreted the values on a own logic which is often not wanted. You could convert these values manually or per macro but easier will be to use two columns - one with value and one with the currency.

- Marcus

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Re: Pound sign on Currency

HI Marcus,

Thank you for quick replay.

The problem is that excel reading correct the numbers with dollar and euro signs, the problem is only with GBP sign.

So I was thinking there is a way to deal with that on qlikview formating instead of manually change it on excel?



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