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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

QlikSense study material

Hi all

When I did certification for QV I used the "For Developers" training manual and it worked fantastic.

I was wondering if there are external training similar to that available for QlikSense at the moment?

Thanks in advance.

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Not yet afaik. Though there is the official training material of course. But a lot of the Qlikview 11 For Developers book applies to Qlik Sense too. You can find a lot of videos about Qlik Sense here: New to Qlik Sense Videos. Those should get you up to speed with the things that differ compared to Qlikview.

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Dear Hein,

Thank you for reaching out to Education Services.  I would first recommend attending our Qlik Sense training!  And second I would recommend viewing all the fantastic free videos we have in Community. 

Below are my recommended resources

Qlik Sense Business Analyst

Qlik Sense Data Architect

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Where I find pdf about qliksense for begginners?

Former Employee
Former Employee


There is also free self-service Qlik Sense training on the new Qlik Continuous Classroom platform.

There are several free modules including videos, exercises, and quizzes, as well as the full content with a subscription fee. Check it out!