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Cell section triggering an action

Is there a way for a user to select a cell that is created by an expression in one pivot table that not only runs the filters but also performs a go to action into another pivot table? The selection would involve a date dimension and a type dimension.

I can see in Buttons under Action/Action Type 'Activate Sheet' and 'Select in Field' but neither seems appropriate. Any ideas?

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That's not possible. Cells in tables (or the tables themselves) don't have click events that can be used to trigger actions. You can try using the OnAnySelect document trigger to catch changes in selections and trigger an action like setting a variable. The variable could be used to show/hide one or more chart objects using the Conditional expression option on the layout tab of properties window of the object.

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I wondered if that was the case. I know it is a bit cheeky but did you have

an example I could look that would show/hide multiple chart objects. Many


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