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Creator III
Creator III

Condition Show Text Box if Chart Active

I have some text boxes to overlay on a line chart, but they are only relevant to that chart. Is there a conditional show expression to make a text box only show it a specific chart is active or maximized?

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Specialist II
Specialist II

I can just think about a function to get if an object is active or not, but it doesn't exist as far as I know, at least in the Get* functions... Being the charts in the same position and in a container, it is just the worst combination for this kind of customization.

There is a "dirty" way. Copy the images of the container buttons and create text objects in the same position than those buttons and replicate the same behavior than the container with the text objects. The user should not notice that there are text objects there instead of the container buttons. I am not sure if that works and it is not how it should be done, but it is the best I have.


Jose, thanks!

I'll try "dirty" way