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I've this load statement with a field defined by an expression as follow:



    if(field_a='some_value' AND field_b='some_value', 1, 0) as new_field

This load statament fetch data from a QVD.

I need to add another condition like this:

    AND field_c='some_value'

where field_c belongs to __another table__ (inside the DB this table is joined with the source table of the previous QVD).

This data will be showed in a graph and field to be defined is used as an expression.

I can insert the new condition inside the expression of the graph instead to put it in the field definition of the load statement?

In both cases how can I refer the field of the other table?

Therefore, due to the huge amount of record (several milion) how that table should be loaded?

Thanks in advance!

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Master III
Master III

Some point i am not able to catch but yes try loading the table with this huge data and follow this document to make Optimized dashboards.

Best Practices for Data Modelling

Specialist II
Specialist II

Firstly join these two tables and then use resident load, in which you can put aal conditions.......

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Thanks for your reply.

The pourpose is to define a field as an expression whose element belongs to different table.

I did something like the following:

QUALIFY "field_A1", "field_A2",  "field_B1";


LOAD "field_ID",



FROM A.qvd (qvd);

inner join





FROM B.qvd (qvd);




// some selection





      if((T1.field_A2)='test_value', 1, 0) As ZZZ   // this is the field i try to define..

Resident T1

.. moreover the table T1 is very huge...

is this solution correct???