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Detached(Unlink) Objects Permanently?


How could I detached(unlink) objects permanently?

'Cause I detached(unlink) one object and than I saved, after that I reopen the document and the object was attached(Linked) again.

What I have to do?

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If you use QV11 you can create an alternate state on the General tab of the document properties window. You can then assign the new alternate state to the object on the General tab of the objects properties window. Only selections in the same alternate state will affect the object. So selections in the default state won't change the object.

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Contributor III

Is it possible in QV10 ?

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G Wassenaar, I have the QV10, how could I do that? Dont have this option in QV10.


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Hi Renan

I guess you might be able to run a macro to detach object (use trigger on open sheet )

I'm sorry I can't help you so far to write the macro.