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Eliminate pivot table rows where expression is 0 (zero)

Hi All,

I have the following pivot table. Is there a way how I can eliminate rows from the pivot table where the "Quantity Backordered" expression is equal to 0? I want to achieve this while still getting the correct Sum values for the pivot table.


I also attached the QVW to give you access to the pivot table I am talking about.

Thanks Matt

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Maybe like this, I've only changed the first expression, apply to the other expression columns except "Quantity Backordered" accordingly.

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Hi Matt,

Check the attachment.


You could set all other expressions in a condition like

=If("Quantity Backordered",



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Hi Tamil, Thanks for you help.

However I already tried this. The problem with this is that although it still gives the SUM, the sum also includes those records where the 'Quantity Backordered' value is 0, thus is incorrect:


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Hi swuehl,

Thanks for you help, however for the same reason I gave to Tamil above, this solution does not return the desired SUM values.

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I tried doing the same 'if' condition inside the SUM function but it does not give eliminate any rows


Hi Matt,

Sorry,I couldn't open your application now. You should use Aggr in order to show the exact total. Try like below for all expression

Sum(Aggr(Expression1, Dimension1, Dimension2....))

Sum(Aggr(Expression2, Dimension1, Dimension2....))

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It still did work for me here is my QVW if you want to give it a shot! ! !


Now, I am replying from my mobile and came out from my office. If you could post your expression and what you have tried, I can get an idea. Or someone might helps you.



Try like below,

If([Quantity Backordered]>0, Sum(Aggr(YourExp, Customer, [Part #])))