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Contributor III
Contributor III

How created a indicator chart?

Good Day,

I am trying to make a indicator chart of 90th percentile of the population with the cost consumed of this percentile on the population. So thanks if you give me a light.

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please post some sample data and your expected result

Contributor III
Contributor III

This is a example of my data:


11051324                 CC                    XXX                    9999

11052787                 CC                    yyyy                    1000

11051324                  CC                   ZZZ                      100

42061324                  CC                   XXX                      9000

11050753                  CC                    AAA                     500

11050753                  CC                   bbb                       200

11055444                  CC                    www                      600

and then aggregate by VALUE_APAGAR for DOC_AFILIADO, like thath aggr (sum (VALUE_APAGAR), DOC_AFILIADO), and calculate the 90th percentile to check in a table that the logical sentence is correct (if (aggr (sum (VALUE_APAGAR), DOC_AFILIADO)> = fractile (aggr (sum (VALUE_APAGAR), DOC_AFILIADO), 0.9), 1 , 0)) but the logical sentence is not correct,   And finally I want to make an indicator chart that shows the percentage of spending of those who are above the 90th percentile.