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How to reformat date


I have a date field already defined converting from Jan 1, 2000 10:38:50 AM EST to 1/1/2000

But I am looking to create a MonthYear to then take that number and change it to Jan 2000, while still keeping the 1/1/2000 field as well. How would I do that? Here's what I have so far.

[First Discovered],

     Date(Floor(TimeStamp#(SubField([First Discovered], ' E', 1), 'MMM DD, YYYY hh:mm:ss'))) as First_Discovered,


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May be this

Date(MonthStart(Floor(TimeStamp#(SubField([First Discovered], ' E', 1), 'MMM DD, YYYY hh:mm:ss'))), 'MMM YYYY') as MonthYear,