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Creator III
Creator III


HI All

Please find the attachment in which u can see two tables

Hotel Property and INLFED

My problem is that Iam not able to see The INFLED in the script ?

Where is it ? can Any  One Help me with this

How do i resolve this ?

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Creator III
Creator III

HI Jonathan

I did try to find INLINE and i find other INLINE tables , but these are different ,( There Are Many Tables in my Script)

Iam not able to find the INLFED in my scrip , even i tried to find it using the NAME as well as Brand Name , but to i cannot find it ,

Iam seriously in trouble now  becuase if u see into my attachment the INLFED is linked to Hotel_Property.

I hope Iam clear

Please help me


Could you attach the script?

Creator III
Creator III

Thanks for the reply Guys  Actaully I had Created Hidden Scrip  for section Access

From there it was creating the  INLFED

Thanks a lot for all of you

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