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If and statements in the expression

I am trying to write an if multiple and statement in the expression; for example:

sum(if([Item Ledger Entry.Entry Type]='0' or '2' or '4' and [Sheet4$.TTB Class]='Bottled' and [Item Ledger Entry.Document Type]='5',((Item Ledger Entry.Quantity])*[Proof Gallons]),0))

But its returning all values of the [Item Ledger Entry.Document Type] 5 or other values.  Is there an error in this expression?  This is one of 3 expressions in my Chart Pivot Table Object.  The other two expressions are working correctly; not sure what the issue is with this one?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Try the following statement:


If(Match([Item Ledger Entry].[Entry Type],'0','2','4') > 0

   and ([Sheet4$].[TTB Class] ='Bottled')

   and ([Item Ledger Entry].[Document Type] = '5'),

   ([Item Ledger Entry].Quantity * [Proof Gallons]), 0



Or you can try this

Sum({$<[Item Ledger Entry.Entry Type]={0,2,4}, [Sheet4$.TTB Class] = {'Bottled'}, [Item Ledger Entry.Document Type] = {5}>} [Item Ledger Entry.Quantity]*[Proof Gallons])



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Thanks.  I tried those but they didn't work.  This expression ultimately worked:

sum(if([$Item Ledger Entry.Entry Type]='0' or [$Item Ledger Entry.Entry Type]='2' or [$Item Ledger Entry.Entry Type]='4' and [Sheet4$.TTB Class]='Bottled' and [$Item Ledger Entry.Document Type]='5',(([$Item Ledger Entry.Quantity])*[$Item.Proof Gallons]),0))