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Link at ASP


I've changed my expression to Link Type. It is working fine at desktop but when i'm trying at access point i'm not getting any link to click there. How to provide link at ASP.

One more thing is when i want to export selected data of listbox to excel. Through the Send To Excel icon of object, It is exporting entire data. To avoid this i devleoped a macro code. I'm running this macro code through button action but it is not exporting the data at ASP.But it is working fine at desktop.

Sub ExportImageInfo

Set Chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH396")

Set P = Chart.GetProperties


End Sub

Is there anyway to achive this..

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Any one is there to help me on this task.

I've a straight table with expression as Link. But it is working at desktop not at Access point. How can i provide a hyperlink at ASP.

Please help me, Is there any waty.

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Is there anyway to achive this.