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List Box selection creates a group

Hi All

Company asked me to build one of their old models into QlikView. They have a Doughnut Pie chart that shows the Sum(CreditAmount)

per Group. There are 3 groups (Group1, Group2, Other). The trick is that you can select from 2 dropdown boxes which Banks you want  to allocate to Group1 and Group2. Whatever was not selected in Group1 (list box 1) and Group2 (list box 2) will automatically fall under "Other". If you selected a Bank in list box 1 (Group1) it will not be available for selection in the list box 2 (Group2)

Any ideas?

Thank you

2 Replies
Master II
Master II

What are the values inside those Groups?

use not match or if condition to only bring in required values for the groups?


Can you post some sample data ?