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Multiple ID Search

I have a field 'ID' which has 7 digit number format eg. 1234512, 0234512, 0003456, 0000312.

I'm using an Input box & a Search button to add a functionality to search multiple IDs at a time.

InputBox is associated with var vID & 'Select in Field' action added added on button for 'ID' field with value  ='('&replace(replace(vID, ',' ,''),' ', '|')&')'  (User enters text "1234512, 0234512, 0003456 " which is converted in format  "(1234512|0234512|0003456)"

Now, this works perfectly fine if user enters a 7 digit number. But, how can we modify this to search an ID without any leading zeros. eg, 1117,345 instead of 0001117,0000345

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If it helps, as a workaround you can use 'toggle select' action and users can add values one by one, it that case you can use =Num($(vID),'0000000') as value for toggle select.