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QV10 BUG: Dimensionless straight table rendering problem on AJAX client


Qlikview refuses to render content of straight table on AJAX client.

Here's an example:


Dimmensions: None


Label - Dim1


Content is displayed correctly on window client:

error loading image

However, trying to render the same chart, same selection on a WebView, generates error:

error loading image

The behavior above repeats itself when there's suppose to be one row on the chart.

More problems to follow...

Say that you want to show straight table with one column. You use one hidden dimension and expression as your column:

error loading image

Note there are 2 values in the chart (352, 385).

Switching to WebView showed to my horror only one value!

error loading image

I'm using Qlikview 10.00.8715.

Please help....


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