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Replicating a demo application


I am trying to replicate the below dashborad:


It seems i cant copy any of the objects. can someone suggest as how to achieve the following:

- the colored area within the man and woman should change dynamically with increase/decrease of %

- the upper background (border) of teh bottom area. Is that design an image?

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Try and download the qvw, open it in QV Desktop and then copy the objects you want.

Best Regards,     Bill


That document can't be downloaded. So try asking the creator of that document.Click on the dbg logo and it will take you to the company site.

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I ALMOST REPLICATED IT. THE ONLY PENDING PART IS THE GREY AREA on the image which is dynamic....any idea as what method has been used here. that area changes dynamically with increase/decrease of %

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That dynamic region on the image showing % is the tricky part and i believe its quite challenging. what kind of technique must have been used?


A technique that could have been used would be a text box with an image on top of a bar chart. The parts of the image that are transparent have the shape of a man and a woman. That way the bar chart below the text box only is visible in the silhouettes of the man and the woman.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand

Yes, I think Gysbert is right here.

And here is a bit closer description of that technique (and a sample app to download):



Gysbert is right. The silhouettes are cutout images of a man and a woman with a white or green background. They are stored in a file format that allows transparency (like GIF and PNG) and imported in text objects. Both figures are placed on top of a bar chart with a black background. The percentage is a text object without background.

The bottom area is one big image with transparent top and bottom placed in a text object. All titles, clothing images, the legend and the KPI names on the right are included in the image. The other elements are QlikView objects.