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Contributor III
Contributor III

Script only excuting partial table

The table file (text file) is 650,000 lines, however when the reload script is run, the table file is only loaded to 308,000 lines. No errors.

As a work around... The table file data.txt is opened and the save as function is used to save the file as data.txt and the table is overriden... I can re-run the reload script and all lines 650,044 are loaded.

This has been happening the past three weeks and I am not sure why but it is very frustrating to have to manually save the file in the same format to reload.

Any assistance is much appreciated.

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

I recall something similar from the old forum. My recollection was that there was a non-printable character somewhere in the file that tripped up QV. Resaving the file, depending on the editor, may translate that bad character.

Can you run a compare between the before and after file to see if there any byte differences?