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Contributor III
Contributor III

Straight table with images (scroll is very slow)


I have a straight table that contains images.  the images are being referenced from a shared folder on the server.

I'm noticing that as I scroll the images and my scroll react very slow.  sometimes when I try to scroll I have to wait  a few seconds to react to where I want it to move.  Once it moves the images takes a couple seconds to show up.  I know this process sucks up more resources but is there anything I can set on the server or the solution itself that can speed up the process of the scrolling and the image.  is there a way to load up the info to memory or something that will do the trick.

thanks in advance.

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maybe with bundle?

bundle info load ....

Master II
Master II


Try to resize the images to make them as small as possible and turn off the stretching.

Contributor III
Contributor III

I would try, but my concern would be how many images I have since I have close to 2500.  size in total I'm thinking bout 500mb.  don't know if this would be too much for qlik to handle.