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Visual Cue

I'm trying to setup an expression for a visual cue.  I'm comparing Sales $ to Budget $.  The expression for Budget $ is GetSelectedCount(Month)*(sum([Budget $])/12) .  I use the same expression for the Sales $ visual cue for both upper and lower limit.  All my dimension values are red.  If I select a specific dimension, the expression is applied correctly. It appears that when no dimension is selected it is comparing against the total.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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GetSelectedCount(Month) will be zero if no month value is selected. You can try count(distinct Month) instead.

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This did not provide the desired results.  If I select on the product group dimension I get the desired result (text turns green).  With only the months selected the text remains red even though sales is greater than budget.  It appears the visual cue is not being process for the row amount but instead the whole table.