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i have invoice $70.00 and need to fine the usage of it but it have diff charges for diff level of unit usage,

1 unit to 10 unit charges are $ 1.00/unit

11 unit to 20 unit charges are $ 1.50/unit

21 unit to max unit Charges are $2.00/unit


please help me the script the formula 



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Contributor II
Contributor II

Could you please be more clear ?


I have similar problem:

when I try to calculate sale = effective_price * quantity

however, it does not show the result of multiplication...

please help, thanks


Total amount $ 70.00

I need find the max amount of each level diff unit  price first,

$ 1.00 x 10 unit= $10.00 -max amount 1

$1.50 x 10 unit =$15.00 -max amount 2

next i need to check is it my total amount is more than the max amount 1 or 2 or less than max amount 1 on above .

in this case it $70.00 which is amount have exceeding both of max amount 

1st step

First 10 unit of $1.00/unit price=$10.00

Total amount -Max amount of First 10 unit=Balance 1 


2nd Step

Second 10 unit of $1.50/unit price=$15.00 

Balance 1-Max amount of Second 10 unit=Balance 2

$60.00-$15.00= $45

3rd Step

finally i have last unit price $2.00 for the remaining Total amount, that mean my Balance 2 divide by $2.00/unit Price i will get total usage for $2.00/unit Price

Balance 2 / $2.00

$45.00/$2.00= 22.5 unit usage

Finally result : Total unit Usage

1st step Unit Usage + 2nd step unit usage + 3rd step usage

=10 unit + 10 unit + 22.5 unit

Grand total = 42.5 unit