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Box Plot - Multiple Dimensions .. How to Unstack?

Hi ... I have created box plot chart with a single dimension without problems

But when I add a second dimension, the box plots move from being side by side (as I want) to stacked on top of each other .. they are stacked by whichever the priority dimension is

Eg I am plotting "electricity usage" as the expression over a single weekend and the first dimension is "Shift Category" (of which there are 4 ... Sat am, Sat pm, Sun am, Sun pm) .. everything works fine ... the 4 box plots are next to each other (ie not stacked)

Then I add "Weekend No" because I want to have the same 4 box plots, but every weekend. When I do this the box plots appear, but they become stacked (the way they are stacked depends on the priority of the 2 dimensions .. see below)

If i select any one specific weekend, the box plots separate and the 4 "Shift Category" plots appear side by side (great!). It's the same effective result whichever one of the dimensions I promote.

When "Weekend No" is the priority dimension, the box plots for the 4 shift categories for weekend 1 are all stacked on top of each other, the 4 shift categories for weekend 2 are all on top of each other etc ... I would like them to appear side by side for each weekend

When "Shift Category" is the priority dimension, the box plots for Sat am weekends 1 to 15 (say they are 15 weekends) are all stacked, the 15 box plots for Sat pm are all stacked together etc

Anyone know how to show all the box plots side by side? Thanks

PS In the "Style" tab, the Subtype is "Grouped"