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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Qlik Users!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week.

Did you know you can help shape our product roadmaps? Did you know you can help shape the product roadmaps without having to create a case with Qlik Support?


The Qlik Product Insight & Ideas forum allows all Qlik customers, partners, Luminaries and employees to submit their own product ideas and support ideas submitted by others.

It’s easy! Head over to the Ideas board in the Qlik Product Insight & Ideas forum. Search for your idea first to see if it exists. If it exists, give it a like and a comment!

If the idea does not exist, click on the Suggest an idea button. When submitting an idea, please make sure to follow the submission guidelines:

  • One idea per post please.
  • A brief description of the idea
  • The value proposition for the idea
  • The target audience (user role) for the idea
  • How does this idea help the user?
  • Additional context to help in the review process
  • Labels are required when submitting an idea. While the user interface allows for multiple labels, be sure to add one, and only one, label to your idea. (For more information on labels, please see the submission guidelines post)

The idea will then be reviewed by a moderator so make sure the submission meets the above criteria. Once approved by the moderator, the idea will be passed along and reviewed by Product Management within 5 weeks. The status may change throughout the lifecycle of your idea, so check back often. As long as an idea is Open, it can be voted on.

Existing ideas are also reviewed every 10 weeks so it’s important to make your voice heard! Like and comment on the ideas you want to see added to the product roadmaps! Share your submissions with colleagues and other users to help the idea gain traction. So long as the person has a valid Qlik Community account, they can can vote  on your idea.

Please give this post a like if you found it helpful! Subscribe to the Qlik Support Updates Blog by clicking the green Subscribe button if you haven’t already. Also, please let us know if you have any questions or leave your feedback in the comments.

Thank you for choosing Qlik!

Kind Regards,

Qlik Digital Support