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Q&A with Qlik: Qlik Replicate Tips

Our Qlik experts offer best practices and helped users get the most from their Qlik Replicate implementation. They answered questions about setting up tasks and some end-point specific configuration settings.


  • 03:07 -What should be checked prior to upgrading Qlik Replicate?
  • 04:30 - Can Qlik Replicate rights to QVDs as an endpoint?
  • 05:21 - Any documentation on Python API?
  • 06:06 - Is it possible to join tables within a Qlik Replicate task?
  • 07:24 - Are there any future Replicate plans to support Oracle autonomous as a source endpoint?
  • 08:30 - Is single sign on or SAM authentication on the roadmap for Qlik Replicate on-prem?
  • 9:06 - What are some of the new features that we should know?
  • 10:34 - Replicate prerequisites are incomplete. Don’t see libraries like Enum 43 and EM Client?
  • 11:47 - Will APIs support, adding and deleting endpoints soon?
  • 13:18 - For larger tables, is there a eat to force Replicate not to use parallel loading?
  • 14:59 - Documentation on all Replicate commands with examples
  • 15:38 - Why does Oracle Source table require a primary key to Replicate to an Oracle target?
  • 16:20 – What’s the best upgrade path from an older version?
  • 18:20 - Roadmap for support of integration to MQTT for IoT devices?
  • 19:13 - Any roadmap to support cloud ERPs to extract data via APIs?
  • 20:12 - Best practice when we must truncate and reload a fact table?
  • 21:11 – We need to resume or reload tasks, is there a way to run all tasks at once?
  • 22:18 - How does somebody access Postgres database that resides on a QEM?
  • 23:02 - “Any tips for avoiding when resuming processing?
  • 24:18 – Where can we subscribe for notifications when new releases are available?
  • 25:18 – Where are Console command lines for Replicate?
  • 26:06 - How does replicate handle independent data marts?
  • 27:10 - While importing tasks, are there plans to introduce a way to merge tasks?
  • 29:09 - Is parallel loading an option with Azure Data Lake Storage target?
  • 29:54 - Does Qlik Replicate handles foreign keys?
  • 30:51 – How to interpret “fail to get a value for name int tab” error?
  • 31:54 - Any roadmap to support Snowflake as a standard source endpoint?
  • 32:10 - Question 21 Part 2:
  • 33:31 - Qlik On-Prem: What's the typical upgrade path to SaaS?
  • 34:53 – How to normalize Log Stream tables in a OLTP in cases of failure?
  • 35:54 - Disable replicate article, truncate the table, then reload, any advice?
  • 36:52 - Any SAP transports required to use the new SAP ODP connection type?
  • 37:57 – How to run a Log Stream staging task for synchronizing data?
  • 38:40 - Can we right click replicate logs alone to a separate drive or folder?
  • 39:17 - Any idea why this write is needed in an Oracle database for replicate users?
  • 40:17- What is the optimal way to migrate from dev to production?
  • 41:56 - How to merge an existing task with another task containing also other tables.
  • 44:00 - Are there any timed sleep functions in Qlik Replicate?
  • 44:35 - Is there a better way to manage a single endpoint to control the HDFS folder?
  • 45:38 - How can I do CDC if the table has no primary key?
  • 46:37 - Is there a way for Qlik Replicate to run a post load script after a full load completed?
  • 47:04 - How to resume the child task if Log Stream parent task has failed due to some reason?




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