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Digital Support

Q&A with Qlik: Qlik Sense Enterprise Monitoring and Observability

Join Qlik Support's office-hours, recorded live, where our experts answer your questions and give more insight into our data analytics products and features. This month's topic talk is Qlik Sense Enterprise Monitoring and Observability.


  • 03:38 Where can I find the best monitoring tools to use?
  • 09:44 – How can we see performance log info in real time?
  • 15:16 – Any plans to implement tools like butler in Qlik for live monitoring?
  • 16:24 – Which third party dashboard would you suggest to monitor users' activity?
  • 12:12 – Where to find documentation for the Qlik Cloud Monitoring apps?
  • 29:09 – What monitoring is possible with QSDA Pro in Qlik Cloud?
  • 35:30 – Can Node graph (except Qlik lineage connector) be used anymore?
  • 38:43 – How to monitor a multi-node deployment that includes QlikView and QAP?
  • 41:44 – Will there be an app that might monitor QMC change logs?
  • 44:03 – Is there any kind of threshold alerts that you might be able to set?



Qlik Sense Enterprise Scalability Tools 

Monitoring & Observability In Qlik Sense on Windows 

Optimizing Performance for Qlik Sense Enterprise 

Optimizing Qlik Sense SaaS Apps with App Analyzer  

Qlik Sense Admin Playbook 

Setting up Butler SOS 

App Metadata Analyzer 

Telemetry Dashboard for Qlik Sense 

Grafana: The open observability platform | Grafana Labs 


Elastic Stack: Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats & Logstash | Elastic 


Entitlement Analyzer QSE 


Node Graph 



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