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Community Manager

High Five - October 2022, Andrea Gigliotti


 October has arrived, and in the Northern Hemisphere, it often means the days are filled with falling leaves, chilly weather, and growing anticipation for the holiday season. We are always anticipating our next featured member, and this month we celebrate a member you will find in Qlik Community almost daily. He is always sharing his knowledge and his appreciation for others. He has had more than 2.5k posts, provided hundreds of answers, and has both given and received countless likes. Our October featured member has achieved a Community ranking of Master III and happens to be one of our valued Qlik Partners. So, without further ado, it's our pleasure to introduce Andrea Gigliotti, more commonly known as agigliotti across our Qlik Community forums.

Andrea has been a member of our Qlik Community for many years. He believes leveraging the knowledge shared across Qlik Community is essential to bringing your skills to the next level. He's had the opportunity to learn from people all around the world. Andrea mainly contributes his expertise to users like you who share their knowledge and learn from one another.

In Andrea's spare time, he likes walking in nature and enjoys snorkeling in the sea any chance he gets. So let's all show Andrea how much we appreciate his contributions to making our Qlik Community better! Leave him a COMMENT and hit the Sue_Macaluso_0-1664820628896.png button. @agigliotti @Melissa_Potvin @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa @emmaspickerman 

Sue Macaluso
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Congratulations @agigliotti

Hope this resolve your issue.
If the issue is solved please mark the answer with Accept as Solution & like it.
If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Congrats @agigliotti 

Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP


A round of applause to you @agigliotti 👏

Thank you for helping and contributing to the Community .

- Vegar


Congratulations @agigliotti!

Specialist II
Specialist II

Congratulation @agigliotti .

Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Congrats and well done!

cheers Lech, When applicable please mark the correct/appropriate replies as "solution" (you can mark up to 3 "solutions". Please LIKE threads if the provided solution is helpful to the problem.

Congratulations 🎉🎉

Great dreamer's dreams never fulfilled, they are always transcended.
Please appreciate our Qlik community members by giving Kudos for sharing their time for your query. If your query is answered, please mark the topic as resolved 🙂

Congrats @agigliotti 

Taoufiq ZARRA

"Please LIKE posts and "Accept as Solution" if the provided solution is helpful "

(you can mark up to 3 "solutions") 😉
Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Well Done @agigliotti !!!