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Community Manager

High Five - September 2022, Avinash R

Avinash.jpgIn many regions and many ways, September feels like the busiest time of the year. Kids return to school and work piles up after the summer dog days. But we are never too busy to show our gratitude with a High Five in the Qlik Community. This month we celebrate a Community member that leads by example. You can find him almost daily in the Community. He has nearly 6K posts, given and received countless likes. A member since 2013 and a valued Qlik Community MVP. It is with great pleasure that this month's featured member is Avinash R, aka avinashelite.

Avinash started his career as a Java developer and switched to BI & Qlik. He's been using Qlik for 10+ years. Currently, he is working in Singapore as BI lead. Avinash loves solving - technical problems, which keeps him busy always and drives him to think differently. He feels the Qlik Community is a perfect place for that! Avinash recognizes that Qlik respects and values its contributors, making it most unique compared to other Community sites. He believes that the Qlik Community has many intelligent and great people who have helped him grow professionally. The feeling of helping others always makes him proud. "Learn from others' mistakes because we don't have time to do all!!" and "Giving Back" are the quotes that motivate him to always be active in the Community.

Avinash gives special thanks to his family in Mysuru, the heritage & culture capital of Karanataka, India. Of course, a special thanks to his Community friends Kushal, Sunny, Jagan, Tresco, and many more. 

Let's show Avinash how much we appreciate all his contributions to the Qlik Community by leaving a comment and hitting that like button! @avinashelite @Melissa_Potvin @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa @emmaspickerman 

Sue Macaluso
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@avinashelite  Congratulations. Looking forward to learn from you more here in this community.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@avinashelite totally appreciate all your contributions to the community😁!


@Sue_Macaluso you're so right on the September sentiment of bussinessss! lol   

Always making time for all Qlik Community members💕


Congratulation Avinash.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

We are so so lucky to have you in our community! 


Thank you @sidhiq91 😊


Thank you @nicole_ulloa 😊


Thank you @kaushiknsolanki  Bhai 😊


Thank you @Melissa_Potvin  , for the kind words. I am also lucky to be part of such a wonderful community 😊


Congratulations @avinashelite 

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