Custom Variables extraction app to be used with QDF (Qlik Deployment Framework)

Because of the growing use and deployment of the QDF and inspired by suggestions of a customer, I have created this app to extract variables from a .qvw app and write all the variables in the Custom.Variables.csv file of the QDF.

This app is on permanent development so please feel free to suggest ideas or new features (or report possible errors).

It should be very easy to use; it offers two working modes. The "Single App" mode will extract all variables contained on a .qvw file and store them on the right Custom.Variables.csv file of the Container.. You can choose either to update the variables of the file or replace them with new ones.

The second mode, the "Complete Framework" mode will update (or create) the Custom.Variables.csv file of every container on your Framework, please be very careful using this as every file of every container will be updated.

In both modes, a backup of the CSV file will be created and stored for 14 days.

I have tested and used the app extensively and created several scenarios to test locally, but please in case you find any errors or unexpected behaviour, post them here.

Best regards.