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    Percentage in Pivot Table



      I have a database from which I am trying to get information, similar to the table below. I have created a pivot table to give me the number of accounts with each bank using Count(Distinct Account). However I am having trouble creating another column beside the total for each bank which shows the percentage of the total number of accounts. The second table shows what I am trying to do. I can't seem to find any other query on the forum which covers this. Any help would be much appreciated.






      Account Bank Name
      22 Bank A
      23 Bank B
      24 Bank A
      53 Bank C
      25 Bank A
      85 Bank C
      46 Bank A
      84 Bank B
      36 Bank D
      10 Bank A
      13 Bank D
      16 Bank B
      33 Bank D
      49 Bank B
      54 Bank C
      62 Bank A
      78 Bank D
      95 Bank B
      72 Bank D
      64 Bank C



      Bank A 6 30%
      Bank B 5 25%
      Bank C 4 20%
      Bank D 5 25%
      Grand Total 20