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      • Re: Group Names in User Management?
        jagan mohan rao appala


        Check below

        QlikView Administrator - Qlikview uses this account for Qlikview Services,Users connecting to QMC must be part of this group. Anyone connecting to a remote service must also be member of QlikView Administrators.


        Document Administrators -  To delegate the responsibility of creating tasks to people not part of the QlikView Administrators group, users can be appointed document administrators. The document administrators are only allowed to access the tabs in QMC that are related to either user documents or source documents. Note! The use of document administrators requires a QlikView Publisher license.


        QlikView EDX group must be created manually in Computer Management. Members of the QlikView EDX group only have the right to trigger EDX-enabled tasks.


        QlikView Management API - The users connecting through the API must be members of the QlikView Management API security group. The group is not created during the installation and has to be added (and populated, for example, with the members of the QlikView Administrators group) manually. A membership in this group is required to import tasks from another QlikView Server/Publisher